Preflight weather planning just got simpler

     Welcome to WeatherSpork, the strategic all-purpose weather planning app for aviators at all experience levels.  WeatherSpork offers an inexpensive, mission-oriented and multi-faceted approach to uniquely blend online weather guidance along with aviation weather education.  It is beautifully implemented whether you are using the application on your laptop, desktop or portable devices using the app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.  WeatherSpork was proudly designed from the ground up by two seasoned flight instructors and provides high-resolution weather guidance to complement the apps you normally use in the cockpit while teaching you how to successfully interpret that guidance.  At the moment, WeatherSpork provides the most utility for pilots flying within the United States (lower 48) although plans are to expand into Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean in the near future.  Click here to see what other users are saying about the WeatherSpork app!

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     WeatherSpork is a companion app to the very popular website,  For less than 22¢ per day, you can register right now through our exclusive partner,, to gain seamless access to the WeatherSpork app, the best online source for aviation weather and education.   Want to try out the app for the next 14 days before purchasing?  Simply click here and create a new account from that page.  Already a member of Simply use your email address and password to login to WeatherSpork using your Internet browser (Google Chrome is recommended) or you can download the app on your Apple or Android device and login.

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Weather guidance at your fingertips

     Weather is by far the single biggest physical factor affecting your flying activity. Moreover, what’s happening with the weather at the surface and aloft plays a critical role in your routine aeronautical decision making and is probably the number one worry before many of your flights. It doesn’t matter if you are a student pilot, seasoned professional or somewhere in between, you must possess the latest guidance in order to minimize your exposure to adverse weather.  A standard briefing using 1-800-WXBRIEF or a briefing through many of the heavy-weight flight planning apps are typically focused on departing at a single time in the future.  However, WeatherSpork is truly a mission-oriented application so you can quickly find the best time to depart.  Using our patent pending feature, the Wheels Up Departure Advisor, you can instantly leverage dozens of forecasts that make choosing the appropriate departure time a snap.

     While weather is quite complex at times, our vision at WeatherSpork is to provide pilots with high-resolution weather guidance using visualization techniques that makes preflight weather planning simple. WeatherSpork has an elegant design and that means it will only take you a few minutes to harness it’s power. To that end, WeatherSpork will allow you to identify hazardous weather better in time and space than any other single application on the market while gaining the most utility from your aircraft.  If you are flying in the United States (lower 48), WeatherSpork will be best online source for aviation weather.

Weather education at your fingertips

     Most of our weather education has been through reading textbooks, magazine articles and the occasional online tutorial. This material is often filled to the brim with generalizations and rules of thumb that rarely apply, especially when Mother Nature is at her worst. With respect to weather, the devil is often in the details. Very few of these traditional resources are up-to-date with the latest technology and weather guidance available online. Traditional materials are inadequate and lack a detailed description of how to interpret and integrate these tools within the context of your preflight planning regiment. Stop worrying and start learning by subscribing to WeatherSpork, your best online source for aviation weather and education.

Here are what other WeatherSpork users are raving about…

“As you know as a long time subscriber, I’ve always enjoyed your Weather Brief and all of the videos and learning modules. What I always felt was missing was a mobile type weather flight planning platform so you could “SEE” everything on one page.  Well, you freakin nailed it. And way better than I could have imagined. Very thoughtful, intuitive, and really idiot proof and easy to use. And no more looking through pages and layers of materials to find what you need! Looking forward to the upgrades to fine tune it.”

                              – Louis O.

“I love WeatherSpork. It’s my go-to app now for weather planning. For those that have been to Scott’s live workshops or gotten online training from him, it captures nicely Scott’s “drill down” approach to weather briefing, starting with the 7 day view, then the 3 day views by route and grid and then the meteogram views by airport, where you can drill directly into a Skew T or AFD. Used it to weather plan the trip down to Florida on Wednesday and it was highly accurate. Even sitting here now in the Keys on vacation, I’m keeping an eye on the route home to Philly on Sunday using the route view and time slider. Looking forward to this app’s continued development.”

                              – Aaron W.

“Just downloaded the app and spent a short while checking it out. Great job and thank you, this will be an excellent addition to my planning toolset!”

                              – Clint D.

“I subscribed and downloaded app yesterday. I am quite impressed with the information and layout. I spent close to an hour to drill down on every product and option.”

              – Kevin G.

“From a timing standpoint and in-person courses just didn’t work for me so I purchased the online ‘live’ (video recorded) course Weather Essentials for Pilots and the Skew-T Weather Essentials. Both courses were incredibly well done and I learned a ton. Highly recommended.  The WeatherSpork app looks really promising for flight planning and I’ll use it in conjunction with other sources. The yearly membership is money well spent.”

                              – Russell Q.

“An amazing app that provides trip wx with incredible clarity. Look and feel from an app tech perspective is awesome.”

              – J. Kevin M.

“Thanks for making WeatherSpork available to us. As an Elite member for several years I have found your site to be excellent. The WxBrief section has always been outstanding and incredibly helpful in flight planning. However, your WeatherSpork App is even better and takes weather planning to a whole new level. It is very easy to use and provides all key weather products in one location. It is by far one of the best weather planning Apps out there.”

              – Jim S.

“I’m VERY impressed by the new WeatherSpork web-based and iOS app-based weather planning resource of the same name. I have only used it for a few hours, but I already know that it will soon become my Go-To resource for real understanding of weather for my flight planning.  Aviation Weather data has almost always been presented as “Too Much Information”, whereas the real question has always been: ‘What’s important for me to know?’

Getting the truly important information out of all that data is difficult; a pilot’s long experience helps a lot. So, a successful search for the valuable nuggets that truly matter…takes real expertise. Great human briefers are always helpful; so are a few good apps. There are several that I have always appreciated. The best ones drill into the massively complex data sets, reduce the data to clarity, simplify the presentation…and make it easy to accomplish.  There’s a new bull in the pasture, folks: WeatherSpork gets it done…really well.

WeatherSpork is brand new and yet it’s already a great resource. It’s evolving rapidly, so I’d suggest regular peeks at Scott’s blog, as that seems to be the primary “How To…” or “What’s Next…” source. New info is posted promptly.  I have not a penny of financial interest in this project. This ‘Attaboy Scott D!’ comes simply because I am impressed.  It is brilliant. Superb. Clever. I cannot begin to conceive of how the programming was done.”

                              – Fred S.

“One of the locations has x-winds and snow threats. WeatherSpork quickly allows us to see all that info and make a smart decision for when to arrive within ops limits. Simply…WOW!  What a great risk management tool.”

                              – Steve F.

“I just became a member yesterday and installed the app. Wow this is great stuff! This will make me a safer pilot.”

                              – Peter G.

“I have browsed through WeatherSpork and so far I think it is the best thing in aviation weather since radar.  No more sorting through METARs, trying to remember freezing levels, etc.  Really nice work.”

                              – Greg J.

“When I first starting using/learning from your videos, my flying certainly changed. Trips I would try before, certainly won’t try now, and some I wouldn’t try before, now I will. WeatherSpork seems to weather like ForeFlight is to flying IFR.

                              – Charlie S.

“Also, for those that haven’t already seen it, the imagery section of the app/website is probably the most complete set of weather products I’ve ever seen in one place. Lots of bookmarks on my browser will get a lot less usage.”

                             – George L.

“I paid the subscription and used to plan a flight last Sunday from Greenville , South Carolina to Tampa and then back the next day with a lot of winds (turbulence) clouds and fairly low level freezing temperatures. The system is very intuitive and was creepy accurate when I used it. For example I saw that if I delayed the return just one hour then most of the tricky conditions just blew away. It’s  my new favorite weather planning app now.”

                            – Harrell L.

“In case you are interested here is an example of how I’m using your tool. I wanted to travel to KPDX on Tuesday but am busy until midday and I have meetings starting at 7:30 am the next day.  I’d love to avoid driving but that is always my backup.   Checking the route profile and the grid I can see that KPDX will be cloudy.  That’s not terrible because ceilings are expected to be above my minimums.  The problem is the freezing level mixed in with the clouds during most of the day.  With an aircraft that doesn’t have a certified ice protection system, icing is a no-go for me.   The good news is that by delaying my departure until later in the day to the early evening, say 1800 hrs, I can fly over the clouds at 8 or 10K and descend into KPDX and through the clouds when the freezing level is higher than the cloud tops. Confirming with Skew-T diagrams and GFS model supports a later departure.”

                            – Ray S.

“This is truly a GREAT weather product. It is a great tool for being able to plan up to 3 days out, and I have found the accuracy to be much better than other products. Also, in a few clicks you have access to lots of different ways of looking at the data. Definitely worth the subscription cost!”

                           – Jim B.

“Best weather app period. It really helps bring everything together in an easy to understand dashboard. Thanks for putting this together and looking forward to all the improvements you have in mind. Gonna be even better.  Great work.”

                           – Scott L.

“I just wanted to tell you that you have a great product, nothing like anything else available. We were planning on leaving Oshkosh this past Friday. My plane was in Milwaukee, we saw some Brewer games. My initial plan was to leave from Oshkosh around 8 and be in the air by 10. Using WeatherSpork (I prefer the Grid view), I saw the possibility of thunderstorms along my route and at CDW, my home airport. It clearly looked like an earlier departure would work much better.  So instead, we departed Oshkosh at 6 and had some delays so were in the air at 8:30. We had some very favorable tail winds and landed at CDW around 1:20. Within a half hour or so, the thunderstorms moved in, just as forecast. I could have come to the same conclusion using other sources but WeatherSpork made it so easy. Thanks. I hope you will continue to develop and improve the product. It is an invaluable resource for pilots and should be in every pilots toolbox, especially for any cross country flight.”

                           – Larry N.

“I’m just starting IFR training and just purchased a 1972 Cessna Cardinal. This app will certainly help me make better weather decisions building up my hours for IFR.  I love the route option especially! Tested it last week on a commercial flight when I decided not to fly myself based on your app predictions and am sooooo glad I made that choice.  The app was perfect in predicting low clouds and high winds, and had I flown to my desired destination, I would have probably had to leave the airplane in New York!  Your hard work in providing this tool is much appreciated!”

                           – Ken S.

“It’s a great app – – now I am spoiled and don’t want to go fly without it.”

                           – Russell N.

“I freakin love the Route Profile view and the Grid view. So helpful when figuring out if I need to file IFR.”

                           – Patrick S.

“Just used the app for a 989 mile trip from Tennessee to New England. I really liked the ability to help predict the window of weather for our VFR flight. We flew 989 miles to New England on a Friday, stayed the weekend and headed back home Monday. We were studying the 3 day outlook on the app and made our ‘Go-No Go’ decisions as far as leaving a day early based on pending storms in the NY and PA area using the help and info of the app. Thanks for a great product.”

                           – Tom W.

“Recently purchased WeatherSpork. Used it to plan IFR trip from KPWK to KISM and back and flew last week in my Cirrus SR22. Have made trip before a few times but was never as confident in route weather as I was this time. Came back a day early as it looked liked weather was coming down. Great product- won’t make a flight with out WeatherSpork from now on.”

                           – Gary C.

WeatherSpork is CLEARLY the best preflight weather App on the market. Many thanks for your ability to make weather not only understandable – but fun.”

                           – John B.

“I have been using WeatherSpork for a few days and absolutely love it. It is THE best weather app for pilots. I just flew from L.A. to a Seattle in my Cherokee and the route view in WeatherSpork is amazing. The route view, grid view and map view!! What a tremendous amount of useful information packed into such useful layouts. I tested the app before but now that I have my plane and am flying and planning using it I am really loving it even more.”

                           – Eric H.

“All I can say is that WeatherSpork is the missing link in GA flight planning. Great products. Thank you!”

                           – Michael R.

“Another vote for WeatherSpork. Countless times, I have been discussing upcoming flights with my instructor and said … the winds look like and he said, where are you getting this info? I find that WeatherSpork has been very accurate and saves me time going to other sources. It is nearly a one stop shop for me at this point.”

                           – Paul P.

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