Preflight weather planning just got simpler

Welcome to WeatherSpork, the strategic all-purpose weather planning app for aviators at all experience levels.  WeatherSpork offers an inexpensive multi-faceted approach to uniquely blend online weather guidance along with aviation weather education.  Beautifully implemented whether you are using your laptop, desktop or portable devices.  It was designed from the ground up by two seasoned flight instructors and provides high-resolution weather guidance to complement the applications you normally use in the cockpit while teaching you how to use successfully interpret that guidance to improve your preflight briefings.

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Weather guidance at your fingertips

Weather is by far the single biggest physical factor affecting your flying activity. Moreover, what’s happening with the weather at the surface and aloft plays a critical role in your routine aeronautical decision making and is probably the number one worry before many of your flights. It doesn’t matter if you are a student pilot, seasoned professional or somewhere in between, you must possess the latest guidance in order to minimize your exposure to adverse weather.

While weather is quite complex at times, at WeatherSpork our vision is to provide pilots with high-resolution weather guidance using visualization techniques that makes preflight weather planning simple. To that end, WeatherSpork will allow you to identify hazardous weather better in time and space than any other single application on the market while gaining the most utility from your aircraft.

Weather education at your fingertips

Most of our weather education has been through reading textbooks, magazine articles and the occasional online tutorial. This material is often filled to the brim with generalizations and rules of thumb that rarely apply, especially when Mother Nature is at her worst. With respect to weather, the devil is often in the details. Very few of these traditional resources are up-to-date with the latest technology and weather guidance available online. Traditional materials are inadequate and lack a detailed description of how to interpret and integrate these tools within the context of your preflight planning regiment. Stop worrying and start learning by subscribing to WeatherSpork, your best online source for aviation weather and education.

“Many pilots are weatherwise, but some are otherwise.”
– Scott C. Dennstaedt

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