Wheels Up Departure Advisor is now patent pending!

Whether you are calling 1-800-WXBRIEF or getting a personalized briefing through many of the common flight planning apps, the briefing process is very rigid and largely single threaded. That is, the weather provided to the pilot in command is strictly based on a known set of initial conditions from the flight plan that specifically includes the estimated time of departure or ETD. Changing the ETD by a few hours, for example, may ultimately result in better or acceptable weather conditions along the proposed route of flight. However, the current briefing process requires the pilot to hunt for the most opportune time to depart by repeating this method over and over again. This can be a very cumbersome task that closely resembles a trial and error process that can take an extraordinary amount of time and effort due to the complexity of all of the variables involved, especially when the weather is challenging. Moreover, this complexity also creates opportunities for omissions and other human errors.

However, WeatherSpork greatly simplifies the process of finding the most opportune time to depart in literally an instant.  Right after you enter a route, WeatherSpork has already determined the weather along that route for all possible ETDs over the next 3 days.  And the results are presented to you in a very concise and easy to understand way on several views so you can pinpoint when Mother Nature will be on her best behavior.  Whether you are making a short or long cross country flight, there’s no need to hunt for that best window of opportunity to depart.  WeatherSpork factors in the most important variable in the equation, namely, time.   Consequently, we do believe WeatherSpork has such a revolutionary process that it will forever change how pilots look at preflight planning.  This is all a result of the signature feature of WeatherSpork, namely, the Wheels Up Departure Advisor.  We feel this is such a unique and groundbreaking service in the aviation industry that we have filed for a patent (64/701,334) to protect its novelty.

“Most pilots are weatherwise, but some are otherwise.”

Scott Dennstaedt
Weather Systems Engineer
Co-founder, WeatherSpork

Scott Dennstaedt

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CFI and former NWS research meteorologist. Founder of AvWxWorkshops.com and co-founder of WeatherSpork
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