National Forecast Chart now part of the WeatherSpork imagery

In WeatherSpork version 4.2.9 we recently added new forecast guidance to the Imagery view.  The new National Forecast Chart is  issued by the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) and provides an overview of expected weather for up to the next three days, with emphasis on certain hazardous and significant weather. This guidance summarizes forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center (for severe thunderstorm and tornado outlooks), the National Hurricane Center (for tropical storm and hurricane forecasts), and the Weather Prediction Center (for information concerning heavy rainfall, flooding, winter weather, and general weather). With overlaid frontal forecasts, these displays serve as a good overview of the expected weather for the next three days.  Below is the 2200Z issuance of the Day 1 National Forecast Chart.

The Day 1 (today’s) National Forecast Chart is prepared twice daily at the WPC. The initial product is issued by 5 a.m. EST/EDT, with an update provided by 2200 UTC (5 p.m. EST).  The Day 2 (tomorrow) and Day 3 (day after tomorrow) National Forecasts are prepared once daily and issued by 5 a.m. EST/EDT. Valid times of the features displayed in these products vary depending upon issuance time and the particular weather phenomenon of interest. In WeatherSpork, you can find the new National Forecast Chart imagery conveniently between the MSL Surface Analysis and Prog Charts as shown below.


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Scott Dennstaedt
Weather Systems Engineer
Co-founder, WeatherSpork

Scott Dennstaedt

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CFI and former NWS research meteorologist. Founder of and co-founder of WeatherSpork
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