Introducing our WeatherSpork member referral program

Are you a big fan of WeatherSpork?  If so, we have a way for you to earn our gratitude!  With each new member you refer and pays for an annual subscription, we will extend your own membership by one month.  Twelve referrals means you’ll get an entire year free.  It’s that simple.  You could become a Sporkie for life if you refer at least one new member each and every month.  So what are you waiting for…let’s get Sporking!

To receive credit be sure that your referral includes your first and last name in the “How did you hear about WeatherSpork and/or” field during the registration process.  Then within the next 5-7 business days (usually less) you will see your expiration date pushed into the future by a month.  If you’ve already referred a friend or two since we released the app on March 1, 2018 then your membership has already been adjusted.  Thanks for your contribution!

Feeling generous and want to pay your free month forward?  No problem.  We’d be happy to donate your free month to the pilot you referred.  Just be sure you send us an email to [email protected] and let us know the name of the person you referred and we’ll be sure to transfer the free month to them after they join.  A win-win for sure.

We know that WeatherSpork can’t grow unless our customers stand behind the app.  We hope that you can help us grow to remain the gold standard for aviation weather and training in the coming months and years.

Scott Dennstaedt
Weather Systems Engineer

Scott Dennstaedt

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CFI and former NWS research meteorologist. Co-founder of WeatherSpork
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