Release notes for WeatherSpork version 4.3.11

  • Question mark alignment on Airport icons in Map view for MacOS.
  • Map view performance improvement when changing Wheels Up Departure Advisor time.
  • Airports view Skew-T not loading iframe for Android.
  • Adjusted misaligned airplane symbol along route on Map view.
  • User interface version upgrades.
  • Pick the high temperature that comes latest in the day for Meteogram view temperature time-series graph.
  • Show weather icons such as precipitation, thunderstorms and wind on Grid view for VFR squares.
  • Hold EDT constant on Wheels Up Departure Advisor anytime user changes route.
  • Make the fit-to button context sensitive.
  • Other performance improvements and bug fixes.

Scott Dennstaedt

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CFI and former NWS research meteorologist. Co-founder of WeatherSpork
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