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If you are new to WeatherSpork, we want to say welcome to the Spork family!  If you use social media, feel free to follow us on Twitter (@weathersporkapp), Facebook ( and on our YouTube channel (  Of course, don’t forget to check out Scott’s blog, The Spork Report to learn more about weather and the app.

We need your help

For those that have been reaching out to other pilots as ambassadors of WeatherSpork, we can’t thank you enough.  We’ve had a ton of positive feedback and that has only energized us to continue to move the app forward with new easy-to-use and intuitive groundbreaking features that you won’t find in any other app.  But we need your help.  If have been enjoying the app and all that it has to offer, we’d certainly appreciate taking a few minutes to add a review in the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store.  Many pilots take these reviews seriously and this feedback often leads them to become part of the Spork family.

New features of WeatherSpork

In May 2018, we released the WeatherSpork app to the Google Play store.  At this point in time it is available to those customers in the U.S. However, we are working to get Canadian data into the app in the near future and we will make it available to our Canadian customers at that time.  Until then, you can still login and use WeatherSpork on your Android device within an Internet browser such as Google Chrome.    More about the Android release can be found in The Spork Report.

In WeatherSpork version 4.3.5 we added a new color scheme that depicts winds on the Meteogram view.  Given that wind creates a number of landing and takeoff accidents, we wanted to highlight situations where the forecast wind is strong or there’s a significant crosswind component.  You can read more about that in The Spork Report.

WeatherSpork referral program

The WeatherSpork family has been growing at a good pace thanks to all of our current Spork users.  So in May we launched our WeatherSpork referral program as a way to say thanks!  The program is simple; for each new person that joins WeatherSpork from your referral, we will extend your membership by a month.  Twelve referrals extends your membership by a year.  So get the word out to all of your pilot buddies!

What’s down the road for Spork?

In addition to squashing a few nasty bugs, this past month we have been beefing up the WeatherSpork foundation to support several new features that will be released over the summer.  For example, in the next couple of weeks we expect to release a change that will allow you to use most U.S. airports in your route planning.  At the moment, you are limited to using airports that have some viable form of aviation weather guidance such as those with a Model Output Statistics (MOS) forecast.  This new functionality will expand that database and pull in more airports that can be used in the Wheels Up Departure Advisor.

We’ve gotten a ton of new feature requests.  Please keep them coming!  More than anything we love to hear what works well and what doesn’t work so well for you.  Our primary goal is to keep the app very easy to use and build the complexity under the hood.  Many of the top flight planning apps seem to just want to throw more weather data at you – hoping you can figure it all out.  At WeatherSpork, we are building the application such that it integrates the data in a way that’s easy  and quick to digest.  But if you want to get your fingernails dirty and dig in, we’ll also provide that guidance as well.

Latest videos

Did you catch our latest 39 minute video on convective weather planning with WeatherSpork?  Not to worry, just visit The Spork Report and enjoy Scott’s preflight analysis for a trip from northern Georgia to northern Virginia in a juicy convective environment.

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Scott Dennstaedt

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