Release notes for WeatherSpork version 4.4.0

  • Improved the display of submenu selections within the Imagery view when running the application within a browser.
  • Added METARs to Map view.
  • Expanded the number of stations that can be used as departure, destination and route waypoints.
  • Fixed a few Android display issues for Imagery view.
  • ETD Finder can now be pinned to the bottom of the display.
  • Fixed issue that causes a No Data Found error message when a low ground speed causes app to show a blank Route Profile, Grid and Map views.
  • Expanded Fit-To region so that departure and destination airports do not get cut off in portrait mode on iPad.
  • Added 7 day trial memberships to app.
  • Added hourly forecasts through 18 hours in Imagery view for NAM winds, streamlines and temperatures.
  • Changed gear icon to layer icon for the Map, Meteogram and Route Profile views.
  • Added different styles of dashed outlines for each type of G-AIRMET polygon.
  • Fixed an issue where app was forcing a new login for some users.
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.

Scott Dennstaedt

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CFI and former NWS research meteorologist. Co-founder of WeatherSpork
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