Decoding of date-time stamps, better favorite names and support of hourly grid view in WeatherSpork version 4.4.2

WeatherSpork release 4.4.2 is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!  Here are some of the new features and enhancements you’ll find in this release.

Decoded date-time stamps within Imagery view

Perhaps one of the biggest WeatherSpork customer pet peeves is learning how to decode all of the different date-time stamps on the forecasts and charts in the Imagery view.   We’ve gotten many requests to make this task much easier.  Well, your wait is over.  Check out this new feature that will enhance your Imagery viewing pleasure.

Favorite names

A number of Sporkies noticed that adding a favorite from the Imagery view “sometimes” resulted in an ambiguous or vague favorite name.  For example, you may have opened the Favorites view as shown below and noticed that “Northern Plains” was listed.  After scratching your head, the only way to know for sure is to click or tap on the favorite to discover that you added a favorite for the Northern Plains Turbulence PIREPs imagery. D’uh!

Consequently, we’ve enhanced some of the imagery names that will hopefully provide you with a clear description of the product when listed in the Favorites view.  Now you will see “N Plains Turb PIREPs” (as shown below) which is a bit more descriptive.  Keep in mind that we didn’t change any of the names (vague or otherwise) that are currently in your favorites.  They will still list the ambiguous name.  So if you see one of these in your Favorites view, simply do the following –

  1. Click or tap on that vague entry in your Favorites view (such as Northern Plains) to visit that favorite image.
  2. Then click or tap on the Star to remove it from your favorites.
  3. Lastly, click or tap on it again to add it back to your favorites with the more descriptive name.

Hourly Grid view beyond 24 hours

The Grid view was initially conceived as having a 1 day and 3 day depiction.  That is, when you slid the ETD Finder to the right, you noticed the resolution of the grid boxes switched from hourly to every three hours beyond a 24 hour lead time.  We received many comments that this resulted in an unnatural “jump” that made it difficult to see the continuity of the Grid view especially if you were trying to depart right at that 24 hour point.  Sliding the ETD Finder back and forth to fine tune that departure became a bit annoying. With this release, we’ve created a switch in the Preferences view that will force the resolution to be hourly through the entire 3 day period.  You can find the Always use 1 hour grid cells switch in the Preferences view under Advanced, then under Grid View.  Note that the switch is defaulted to the “off” position; if you want the entire Grid view to be hourly, slide the switch to the right.

Scott Dennstaedt

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