Release notes for WeatherSpork version 4.4.3

  • Fixed an issue where some stations on the Map view were being treated like it only had an observation.
  • Added a filter to the Map view layer selector to include or exclude flight category markers from the map.
  • Changed “Save” to “Apply” when modifying the route on the Map, Route Profile and Grid views.
  • Now show sunrise and sunset times on 7 Day forecast.
  • Fixed an issue where favorites are not begin synced between the iPad and iPhone when a favorite is removed.
  • Removed Darksky as a weather source for the 7 Day forecast view.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between Map, Route Profile and Grid views as displayed on the EDT Finder.
  • Changed default of 7 Day forecast back to
  • Removed 6-hour precipitation amount.
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.

Scott Dennstaedt

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CFI and former NWS research meteorologist. Co-founder of WeatherSpork
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