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If you are new to WeatherSpork, welcome to the family!  Congratulations, you are now officially a Sporkie!  This e-Newsletter will be emailed out at the beginning of each month to keep you updated on the progress of new features and content provided by WeatherSpork. We are listening and we’ve already received dozens of feature requests and are always happy to hear your thoughts.  We want our customers to be part of this adventure in adding more utility to this already groundbreaking app .

The month of October had only two minor releases (version 4.4.4 and version 4.4.5) containing minor enhancements and bug fixes.  As mentioned in the previous issue of SporkNews we have been working to implement a major update to support software used by the WeatherSpork app.  Unfortunately, we are still in the process of testing this release.  The work we are doing now will allow us to support many other devices including the new iPhones as well as the ability to rotate small portable devices to the landscape mode.  This effort has been a much bigger job than we ever expected and has affected many aspects of the app; we are making progress, but it has been slow.  As a result, it will be unlikely to see any new features in WeatherSpork until the spring of 2019 at the earliest.

Were you getting a network failure error?

Essentially, some airports in the database (such as KMWA in this case) were triggering  this error shown on the right.  The NWS has implemented a temporary patch to solve this problem, but won’t have a permanent fix for quite some time.  Nevertheless, you are free to choose either source of weather in your preferences view.

To change the source back to the primary, visit the Spork Menu (hamburger symbol in the upper-left) and choose the Preferences view.  Under the preferences, click or tap on the Advanced settings.  You will see a setting for Weather API.  If your setting says, api.weather.gov, you are golden.  Otherwise, tap on the right and change forecast.weather.gov to api.weather.gov.  The only difference you will see is that wind information will not be available in the 7-Day view when using forecast.weather.gov.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Help us to reach our goal of 1000 subscribers on YouTube!

WeatherSpork is not only committed to being your best online source for aviation weather, but we also want to teach you how to minimize your exposure to adverse weather.  We will be releasing dozens of new training videos in the coming months and we want to be sure you don’t miss a single one.  The best way to stay informed is to take a minute and visit our WeatherSpork YouTube channel and subscribe.  And don’t forget to pass this along to all of your pilot buddies so they can see WeatherSpork in action.

Preferred browser is Google Chrome

WeatherSpork will not only operate on your iPad, iPhone and portable Android devices as an app, but will also run on the web within an Internet browser.  Just visit https://weatherspork.com and click on Login in the top menu bar.  With some of the visualizations we are building, compatibility between browsers as been a challenge for us.  Therefore, we currently recommend using Google Chrome to enjoy the very best experience.

Scott Dennstaedt
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Scott Dennstaedt

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