At WeatherSpork we want to make your experience a pleasant one.  If you can’t find the answer to your question below or have additional questions, comments or suggestions about our site, our products or our services, please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at [email protected]. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Q. What method of payment can I use to become a subscriber?

A. We require that you pay by major credit card. We only accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover at the moment.  We use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to process your purchase.  We make every attempt to  protect the security of your transaction.

Q. What devices are compatible with the WeatherSpork app?

A. We support all Apple devices and most Android devices.  You can download the app for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. However, to login and use the features found in WeatherSpork you will need to join and pay for a membershipWeatherSpork also runs in an Internet browser and has the same look and feel as found in the app. This includes running it within a browser on a smaller portable device such as an iPhone.  For the best experience we recommend using Google Chrome.

Q. Can I automatically renew my membership with WeatherSpork?

A. No. At this time, we are not allowing for automatic renewal. We will be adding this option in the future.

Q. Can I renew my membership within the WeatherSpork app?

A. No.  At this time, you must login to AvWxWorkshops.com and renew your annual membership.  After logging in, please find the My Account link in the upper-right side of the home page.  On that page you’ll find a link to renew your membership.

Q. Can I purchase a premium workshop using WeatherSpork?

A.  No.  At this time you must purchase any premium workshops at AvWxWorkshops.com.  Once purchased there, you will have access to this premium workshop within the WeatherSpork app under the Workshops view.  You can also view this workshop within AvWxWorkshops.com under My Workshops.

Q. If my WeatherSpork membership expires, will I continue to have access to any premium workshops that I have purchased?

A. Yes. Simply login to AvWxWorkshops.com (not WeatherSpork) and you will be able to view any premium workshop that you have purchased.  You will find this under the My Workshops link on AvWxWorkshops.com.

Q. Can I still use AvWxWorkshops.com?

A. Yes.  For now, AvWxWorkshops.com will continue to provide its current functionality including access to the Internet Wx Brief Roadmap and basic online workshops.  So as long as your membership has not expired, you will retain access using the same login credentials as you use for WeatherSpork.

Q.  Is there anything I’m losing by switching over to WeatherSpork and not sticking with AvWxWorkshops.com?

A. Yes.  At the moment, you can only access the Internet Wx Brief Roadmap archives through AvWxWorkshops.com.

Q. What will eventually happen to AvWxWorkshops.com?

A. At some point in time, AvWxWorkshops.com will shut down much of the functionality it has now and only exist so that customers can purchase one-on-one online training and tuition for a live webinar or live workshop.  WeatherSpork will be the primary interface for online workshops and weather guidance.

Q. Do you need any beta testers for the WeatherSpork app?

A. No.  At this time we have enough beta testers.  However, we certainly appreciate any feedback you may have.

Q. I am not hearing any sound when playing workshops on my iPad. Can this be fixed?

A. Yes.  Most likely your mute switch is turned on.  Older iPads will have an actual hardware switch on the side that you should slide the other direction.  For newer iPads it’s now a software switch.  Just go to the home page on the iPad and swipe up from the bottom to expose the various settings such as turning on/off the flashlight.  You should see a bell in that list.  Be sure the bell is white and not red.  Tap on the bell so it is white.

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